Case Study on the use case of in the music industry

A brief summary is a software company that is bringing Artifical Intelligence technology to everyday users, and integrating easy to use AI solutions and tools into global markets.

AI in the music industry

The music industry as a whole, from record labels to individual artists have been adopting the use of AI technology to integrate into their daily routines. We're seeing an increase in consumer AI applications being leveraged to assist artists in writing songs, generating tunes or using some sort of technology to create beats and edit their music.

What does do, and why is it useful? is one of the most powerful Artificial Intelligence powered lyric generation assistance tools on the planet. We worked with artists from around the globe to get their feedback, input and ideas on how to make the best tool to assist artists in writing songs. Our advanced algorthims and state of the art technology allows us to learn from your already written lyrics to generate you new lyrics, with a creative aspect while still following the same type of music you are writing.

What genre of music does work with? currently was trained and works best with pop style songs. While you can use it for similar genres, models we're trained to work best for pop style songs.


In conclusion, was built with a strategic goal of assisting singers-songwriters to write creative and beautiful songs. Whether you as an artist are going through a writers block, or you are a record label and think this tool could benefit the artists in your label, this solution can handle it all.

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