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At, we focus on helping you write songs easily, creatively, and efficiently, while offering help resources and much more, all at an affordable price

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For the singer-songwriter who is just writing a few songs.

$0 /month
  • 9-5pm email support
  • Generate up to 3 songs
  • Help videos and resources
  • Pay to own lyrics
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For the singer-songwriter who is writing more than just a few songs.

$20 /month
  • 9-7pm email & phone support
  • Generate up to 10 songs
  • Help videos and resources
  • Own your lyrics
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For the more than average singer-songwriter doing big things.

$50 /month
  • 9-8pm email, video & phone support
  • Generate unlimited songs
  • Help videos and resources
  • Own your lyrics
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Frequently asked questions is super easy to use. Simply insert a section of your song you need some assistance with, and then choose a section to generate, and voila, within a few moments, you have a new section of your song!

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